For that sweet dew, she sustained the natural selection of thousands of years.

In accordance with the ancient, traditional and authentic way of brewing Baijiu, which is using only one kind of grain as raw material, Luzhou Laojiao has always been using the grain of supreme quality consistently for brewing--the organic red glutinous sorghum, which grows only in the south Sichuan, so that the Baijiu will become more pure and mellow.

The food safety grading of China consists of general food, pollution-free food, green food and organic food.

In 2001, Luzhou Laojiao built up the first

large and modern plantation to produce organic red glutinous sorghum, the soil and the seeds and grains of which are all well managed to make sure no chemicals are used so that the safety and quality of Luzhou Laoji- ao Baijiu are guaranteed at source.

In 2008, Guojiao1573 passed the national organic food certification, and became the first Baijiu of strong aroma recognized by the country. . Luzhou Laojiao has always regard- ed organic sorghum planting base as the most important part of Baijiu production.

Grain quality shows the quality and suitability of raw crops for Baijiu brewing, especially Sorghum.
Tannin content in sorghum grains is an important factor for the sorghum quality.
Lower fat content(≤4 % )and certain tannin content ( 0.5 %-1.5 % ) are good for improving the Baijiu quality.
The ratio of fat to tannin is roughly2.5:1, and relatively high in content(fat at 4.0 %, tannin 1.6 % ) is conducive to good-quality Baijiu making.

  • 0.5%-1.5%

    Tannin content
  • ≤4%

    Fat content
  • 2.5∶1

    Fat to tannin ratio


The total starch content of Luzhou red sorghum is 58 ~ 68 %, the protein content is 7.5 ~ 10 %, the tannin content is 1.4 ~ 3.1 %, and the quality wine produced is 50.6 -59.6 %.

Comparison of fatty acid content of sorghum in different producing areas(proportion of fatty acid to dry matter)

Comparison of starch content of sorghum amylopectin in different producing areas(proportion of amylopectin to total starch)

小麦、大麦、豌豆 糯米、荞麦大 米玉 米红薯、马铃薯、木薯高 粱
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