To brew perfect strong aroma Baijiu, what has the world done?

Luzhou, the Baijiu City of China

Luzhou, the Baijiu City of China and the south gate of Sichuan Province is located at the junction among Sichuan Province, Yunnan Province, Guizhou Province and Chongqing municipality and it is one of the three cores of the China’s Baijiu golden delta(Luzhou, Yibin and Renhuai). With four distinct seasons and moderate climate, Luzhou has the most suitable warmth and moisture, which are two important elements in brewing Baijiu. After investigating Luzhou, the UNFAO praised: “As a city spanning the Yangtze River and located at north latitude 28°, Luzhou is the best place for brewing high-quality Baijiu.” Also, the Chinese and foreign experts both concluded that only with the unique and unduplicated geographic conditions, like the climate, soil, water resource and raw materials, microorganisms and Baijiu-making techniques, can Luzhou make this protected eco-origin product with legendary quality.

“Without the exceptional geographical environment consisting of the water, soil, air and microorganisms in Luzhou, there will be no Luzhou Laojiao”.

warm climate

28 degrees north latitude°

Chinese Baijiu Golden Triangle's core hinterland

the best place for high quality Baijiu

Both sides of Yangtze River

  • Humidity:

    Luzhou’s abundant annual rainfall and humid air all the year round thanks to its location in a river valley and among mountains foster favour- able air humidity for the growth of Baijiu-making microbes.

  • Sunlight:

    Luzhou has abundant annual rainfall, and lies in the river valley and among mountains. It’s good for the growth of the microbes.

  • Temperature:

    Luzhou has a subtropi- cal humid climate. It has high temperature, ample sunshine and four seasons, which are all good for the growth of microorganisms and making the best Baijiu under such a suitable tem- perature.

  • Wind speed:

    Located at the southern margin of Sichuan basin, Luzhou is protected by the Tibet plateau, Qinba ridge and Yunnan-Guizhou plateau. There has few strong wind throughout the year. Here is the region with the smallest wind speed among the coun- try’ s Baijiu-making areas.

  • Altitude

    Baijiu- producing areas in Luzhou are mostly located at the southern margin of hilly regions of Sichuan basin, and most of them are 200 to700 meters above the sea level. It’s suitable for the growth of microbes, Nuohong raw material sorghum and other crops for Baijiu brewing.

  • raw material microorganism water resource
  • Soil

    Sichuan River in the upper reaches of Yangtze River flows through Luzhou, and Jurassic and Cretaceous purple soil with rich nutrients, moderate PH value, good water retention is good for growing sorghum, wheat and other crops which are the main materials for Baijiu production . The purple soil can also purify water and turn it into spring water after being filtered layer by layer for Baijiu brewing.

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