With the inheritance of 23 generations, we think every drop counts.

The traditional Baijiu-making techniques of Luzhou Laojiao passed on only by “oral instruction and mental comprehension”
between the masters and the apprentices, for 23 generations.


In 1324 A.D.

the ‘Founder of Yeast’ Guo Huaiyu invented the Ganchun Yeast, the first generation Daqu Baijiu. That’s the beginning of brewing Baijiu with strong aroma...

Under the reign of Emperor Renzong of the Ming Dynasty, the Baijiu-making master Shi Jingzhang improved the hot and bitter ingredients in notopterygi- um roots after years of efforts, and developed a new method to perfect the production process of Daqu, a step closer to make Baijius in mud cellars.

Under the reign of Emperor Tianqi of the Ming Dynasty, Luzhou Baijiu making was flouring. After Guo Huaiyu and Shi Jingzhang, the founder of the cellar Shu Chengzong took over the Shushi Baijiu and engaged in its production, operation and brewing process, explored a set of Daqu brewing technology including Baijius stored in cellars, vinasse placed in cellars, solid fermentation, bouquet from mud cellars and ingredients added to slots.

This was the peak of Daqu Baijiu brewing. In the following 690 years, the brewing technology passed down orally generation by generation.

In 2006,

the traditional Baijiu-making techniques of Luzhou Laojiao were included in the first group of the “List of National Intangible Cultural Heritages”, as the only representative of strong aroma Baijiu;

In 2008,

Luzhou Laojiao was included in the “Tentative List of UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage” for its Chinese Baijiu making technique.


Luzhou Laojiao has a professional technical team to support its continual innovation and upgrading of products.

Luzhou Laojiao now possesses 3 inheritors of national intangible cultural heritages, 3 Chinese Baijiu-brewing masters, 2 Chinese Baijiu masters, 3 Chinese Baijiu technique masters, 2 Baijiu masters of evaluation ,7 senior engineers, 10 experts who are eligible to enjoy the special allowances from the State Council and 2 National technical expert, 4 academic and technical leaders of Sichuan Prov- ince, 1 Tianfu craftsmen, 1 Tianfu scientific and technological elite.

We have established ten scientific research centers including the National Solid Fermentation Engineering Technology Research Center, China Light-industry Solid Fermentation Technology Key Laboratory and Sichuan Baijiu Fermentation Industrial Technology Research Institute, cultivating 26 PhDs and hundreds of skilled talents including the national-level Baijiu sommeliers, senior
fermentation technicians and other technicians.

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